Empowering Young Women Through Education

A recent email from Mathokoza Mathunjwa in Piggs Peak tells us about a determined young woman who had to drop out of school, returned to grade 8 at the age of 21, and went on to be a teacher. Her inspiring story reminds us of how an education empowers Swazi women.
Mathokoza writes, “Typical Swazi men can marry as many women as they can… Women are being abused, they are being used. They have always known that their duty is to bear and look after children and satisfy their husbands sexually. Now that norm has to break.”
“Luckily, The Hampton Piggs Peak Partnership has successfully set one woman free and will continue to set more women free. Her name is Nokuthula Tsela; she’s 32 years old now. She used to go to PCH in 2008 when she was doing grade eight, but she had to drop out because of financial challenges. By the time The Hampton Partnership came for her she was at home, without hope. She was 21 by then.”
“She went back to school again, this time with financial support from Hampton and from there she never looked back. She worked so hard and graduated high school in 2012. She then went to the University of Swaziland in 2014… and graduated in 2018. She is now a teacher at Mater Dorolosa High school in Mbababe”
“Nokuthula said, ‘On behalf of all Hampton sponsored students, I express my sincere gratitude for making Hampton Piggs Peak Partnership possible. It is through this partnership that our lives shaped up for the better. The support has opened new opportunities for the young people of Piggs Peak…. You have shown your kindness by lending a hand in our education and well being. The sponsorship has helped us realize that dreams do come true and that we can be what we want. The fact is that you do not expect anything from the students in return for the kind gesture that you have shown to us. Our only duty was to get good grades.”
“Once again thank you so much for your support and generosity. I promise to continue working hard in providing the best education to students and to also give back to others both as a teacher and possibly a sponsor myself. God bless you.’
Mathokoza concludes, “An educated woman cannot stand being cheated on, getting slapped by their husbands… they will stand their ground and fight. For young women, education is power. For all the men in Piggs Peak, this is civilization. I would not be writing this email if it were not for the Hampton Kids. I used to be one of them too. Please do not stop helping.”

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