Legion Plaque Restored

We received a photo recently from Hampton Legion President Gary Hicks and did some research on the story behind it.

It is a little-known fact that the land the Community Centre sits on was donated to the youth of Hampton by Hampton Branch 28th of the Royal Canadian Legion, many years ago. When the arena was built in the mid 70’s, a commemorative plaque was placed on an outside wall of the building and remained there, in the elements, over the years until it was removed, probably for building maintenance.

The plaque was put in storage and forgotten until Leisure Services Department staff member Jason Sherwood discovered it and thought it would be a great project to have it refinished and remounted on the building. Jason reached out to fellow staff member Andrew Peacock who took on the challenge.

Andrew tells us he did some research and made inquiries on how to work with brass, as it is quite soft and would require extensive sanding and polishing. His research uncovered another interesting fact. “My understanding is that it was made and crafted by Charlie Branscombe at the Old Foundry in Dutch Point” as was the plaque that hangs in the Community Centre lobby commemorating Sam Delong, the facility’s first manager.

Armed with the knowledge gained from his research, Andrew took the plaque home and spent the next several months restoring it to its original form. The plaque has recently been reinstalled on the building outside the door leading to the new Hampton Legion.

Kudos to these two Leisure Service staffers for resurrecting a piece of our history.

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